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Give Your Pet the Royal Treatment

                        with Dog Grooming Services from Country Doggie Spa & Grooming

Provide your pet with the care they deserve with dog grooming services from Country Doggie Spa & Grooming near St. Louis, Missouri. We offer extensive dog grooming and spa packages, as well as retail accessories and treats. Come in today to see our complete selection or to schedule pet grooming services for your dog.

Accessories and Merchandise

Surprise your pet with new goodies from Country Doggie Spa & Grooming near St. Louis, Missouri. We carry a variety of shampoos, and colognes for home care.

Emmi Lu's Barkery

Price quotes are just a basic estimate. Prices vary according to coat condition, size, temperament, etc. We can provide you with an accurate price when we meet with your pet in person.  There will be an extra charge to de-tangle/de-matt your pet's coat if it is not in good condition. In some cases, we may recommend the coat be shaved down to avoid causing your pet discomfort. We also offer breed standard grooming. Contact us today for a quote.

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Hygienic Clip
The hygienic clip includes a  hand blow dry, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, sanitary area clipping (if needed), pads trimming (if needed), and feet trimming (if needed). The price may vary due to the texture of your dog's coat.

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Teddy Bear Clip/Puppy Cut
This includes a bath, hand blow dry, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, sanitary area clipping, pad trimming, feet trimming, and a haircut with a hand scissor, finish, and style. Most hand scissor trims vary from 1/2 inch to a few inches in length.

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In Memory of Cowboy

Summer Shave/Kennel Cut
This includes a everything from the hygienic clip, as well as a bladed short haircut. Most shave downs vary from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.

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Walk in nail trim times Tuesday through Friday 7:30Am - 1:30Pm  Saturday's 7:30Am - 12:30Pm

  • Flea shampoo - $5
  • Special shampoo - $5
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment for skin & coat - $5-$12
  • Teeth brushing - $5
  • Nail trim only- Small $5, Med $7, Large $10, XL $15
  • Nail trim and a grind - Small $10, Med $12, Large $15, XL $20
  • Spa special teeth brushing, nail grind, & remoisturizer $10
  • De-Shedding $10-$15


Contact us at (636) 587-2924 to learn more about our pet grooming services.